Blurb portfolio Book : Surtex 2016 / by Misha Zadeh Graham

Misha Zadeh Surtex 2016: Booth 527. Portfolio Book.

Misha Zadeh Surtex 2016: Booth 527. Portfolio Book.

Surtex is just around the corner. I leave for NYC exactly two weeks from today. Misha Zadeh, Booth #527.

Eek! Am I ready? No. But if I fell into a coma and didn't wake up until then, would I still have enough 'stuff' to get me to the show? Yes. And that is a very calming feeling. I've had so many anxiety dreams the last month. 

The last couple weeks have been spent getting my designs together in a viewable form. I opted to create a Blurb book. I had done one many years ago for a class project for my son's teacher, so I don't know why I was so intimidated to try it again. Perhaps because you upload everything and then trust that it's going to print well and ship in time. And this time, the audience is art directors and product manufacturers -- not parents looking at their cute kid's photo and drawings. Well, Blurb, I'm impressed. Not only did I wake up to a "35% off your entire purchase" deal the morning I intended to upload (!?), but I uploaded last Friday and received the book this Wednesday morning. Much better than the 5 to 10 business day quote. I did opt for the fastest shipping option, and it was totally worth it. Now let's hope the other two books I made and uploaded this week have a similar turnaround time. Quality-wise, there were a few colors that were off, but nothing I can't talk through. If only I had done it sooner...

I'm pretty excited about the work I'm including, so the trick is getting people into my booth. If you're going to Surtex, please stop by. I'll have some tasty Italian candy in addition to the tasty visual candy.